• Katherine Mansfield’s Europe


    Katherine Mansfield’s Europe

    Redmer Yska
    Armed with Katherine Mansfield’s letters and journals, Redmer Yska retraces her restive journeys across Europe in the latter years of her short life. Ever reminded of her own mortality, Mansfield travelled between France, Switzerland and Germany seeking a cure for her pulmonary tuberculosis, while packing as much writing into her days as circumstance, inspiration and her health permitted.

  • The Axeman’s Carnival

    The Axeman's Carnival - Catherine Chidgey

    The Axeman’s Carnival

    Catherine Chidgey
    Narrated by a rescued magpie, this novel takes one inside the abusive relationship of a farming couple fallen on hard times in Central Otago. Humour lightens what is often a sobering read, while also heightening the pathos.

  • Steve Braunias – Missing Persons

    Steve Braunias - Missing Persons

    Missing Persons

    Steve Braunias
    The harrowing and often heartrending human detail behind 12 true-crime stories of death and disappearance in New Zealand, by award-winning journalist Steve Braunias.

  • Sue McCauley – Landed

    Landed - Sue McCauley


    Sue McCauley
    A novel rich in character, ‘Landed’ invites the reader to travel alongside Briar Howland, an aging woman who has survived two marriages (one husband walked out, the other took his life) as she gets to grips with the abrupt changes in her life. Juggling the various roles of single woman, ex-wife, mother, grandmother, sister-in-law, and friend, she tries to define and realise her own aspirations.

  • elaeanor catton – birnam wood

    Elaeanor Catton - Birnam Wood

    Birnam Wood

    Eleanor Catton
    Set in New Zealand, this inspired, character-driven thriller by Booker-Prize-winning Eleanor Catton has the flaws of human nature at its heart. However, the scope of the story stretches beyond the particular, to reflect on global issues surrounding climate change, and the human hurdles that impede meaningful progress.

  • horse – geraldine brooks

    Horse - Geraldine Brooks


    Geraldine Brookes
    Two stories, one set in the nineteenth century, the other in the twenty-first, interleave. An oil painting of a renowned racehorse connects the two, as does ruthless racism, which governs the lives of both protagonists. Heartrending, immersive and grounded in fact, this is a stellar and poignant read.

  • small things like these

    small things like these

    small things like these

    Claire Keegan
    A gentle, yet profound tale set in Ireland during the era of the Magdalen laundries, that explores the exponential impact of doing good.

  • grand



    Noelle McCarthy
    Journalist and broadcaster Noelle McCarthy’s confrontingly frank reflections on her relationship with her mother, her Irish heritage, and alcohol. Powerful. Humorous. Heart breaking.