The Last Time We Spoke

The Last Time We SpokeThe Last Time We Spoke

Ngaio Marsh Award Winner 2017

Ngaio Marsh Award Winner

One mild summer evening in rural New Zealand the lives of two individuals brutally collide. Neither will ever be the same again, their futures forever linked.

This is a dark tale that navigates the underbelly of urban New Zealand. It is also a very human story of hope and possibility.

  • WINNER 2017 NGAIO MARSH AWARD for BEST CRIME NOVEL NZ Kiwi Blog Spot“Lyrically and sensitively written, a harrowing yet touching story that stays with you. This is brave and sophisticated storytelling.”
  • WINNER 2014 KOBO/NZ AUTHOR PUBLISHING PRIZE (when still a mansucript).
  • BEST BOOKS 2016 : Otago Daily Times
  • The Sunday Mirror : ‘A gripping story of grief and redemption.’
  • The Otago Daily Times : ‘A hard-hitting,emotion-packed novel featuring injustice and racial prejudice.’
  • Yrsa Sigurdardottir, award-winning Icelandic crime writer : ‘This novel is laden with empathy and insight … The result is harrowing, yet touching due to the writer’s approach and praiseworthy writing style …’
  • Paddy Richardson, award-winning New Zealand author : ‘Lyrically and sensitively written … The complexity of this novel – the struggles experienced by the characters and the themes of conflict and redemption have stayed with me.’
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