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    Winner of the 2014 Kobo/NZAuthor Publishing Prize

    Kobo Writing LifeThe New Zealand Society of Authors


    The New Zealand Society of Authors (PEN NZ Inc) announces the winners of its inaugural E-Publishing prize offered with international publishing giant Kobo Writing Life.

    Two new authors have won the publishing chance of a lifetime, with the inaugural 2014 Kobo/NZ Authors E-Publishing Prize which will see their books professionally published by the Kobo Writing Life platform.

    Fiona Sussman is fiction winner with Sentenced, a gritty novel about disaffected youth in the New Zealand urban underbelly.   Judges described Sentenced as a gripping, thought provoking story about a tough subject. 

    Robin Sisley wins the non-fiction category with Eat the Wind about rescuing stallions from slaughter before the 1997 muster of the Kaimanawa wild horses. Judges commented that the manuscript stood out with lively writing which flowed naturally and a subject both exciting and surprising.

    The results of on-line reader voting on writing samples of the 10 finalists coincided with the decision of judges, which means both Sussman and Sisley win a Kobo reader as well as fully professional editing and digital publication.

    “The purpose of the award was to recognise excellence in creative writing as well as to create a launching pad for writers’ careers, and clearly these two manuscripts stood out,” says NZ Society of Authors President Kyle Mewburn. “We look forward to following their careers on the international platform which this prize can provide. It is a significant win and we congratulate these new writers.”

    Kobo Writing Life operations manager Jodi White convened the judging panel.  “Kobo is proud and very delighted to be a part of this Publishing Prize, and are excited to offer these authors the opportunity to publish a professional book, at such a value that the author probably could not afford to do on their own.  Kobo’s panel of judges really enjoyed this and having the opportunity to be part of kick-starting an author’s career is truly something we value and believe in.

    “We cannot wait to start working with the authors.”

    The New Zealand Society of Authors, http://www.authors.org.nz, December 2013


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    Beatties Book Blog – unofficial homepage of the New Zealand book community, Monday, December 10, 2012 : beattiesbookblog.blogspot.com